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E-Safety at our School

E-safety at our School


Your child's e-safety is of upmost importance to us. Online safety is taught and regularly reinforced through the Computing and PHSE curriculums, and further underpinned by assemblies and Online Safety projects such as Barney and Echo 'Caught in the Web'. Please also see the selection of E-safety links for parents below.


Should you have any concerns regarding E-safety, please do not hesitate to contact the safeguarding team at school. Mr Robinson can be contacted on 01723 859359,, or via dojos. Mrs Hargreaves can be contacted on 01723 859359,, or via dojos.


Online safety is also a regular feature of our school Newsletters. Please see the Communication section of the website.

Guidance Notes:

These sites have been selected as quality assured websites of educational content.

They have been identified as safe at time of viewing for children because the sites do NOT have:

adult content on site or in links.

any link to a general internet search engine.

any link to adult purchasing.

any link to an unmoderated [open] forum, chatroom, message board, guestbook or weblog.

display links to user's email in forum etc.

any links to gambling, dating or other activities unsafe or unhealthy for children.

display children's personal details on site.

display unsuitable advertising.

any copyright issues.

The above checklist may be useful to provide safety criteria for you to assess other sites.

we are not responsible for the content of external websites.

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