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At Brompton and Sawdon Primary School we have are proud to have pupil representatives that take part in School Council meetings.


Mrs Hargreaves chairs the school council and guides them through their weekly meetings. The council is in place so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them.


Through School Council all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues, share ideas and take part in discussions that involve all of their classmates in reaching a democratic solution.


Here at Brompton and Sawdon Primary School we want pupils to know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter.


This year the school council has dealt with the following topics in and around the school;


• Play-ground equipment – The council canvassed the pupils to ask their opinion on new equipment and explored the cost and availability. This was then brought to the head teacher to receive his input before equipment was purchased.


• Road safety – One of the roads that goes past the school can be busy so the council have been learning about traffic rules and monitoring the road use during drop off and collection times leading to them producing supporting evidence for the headmaster to deliver to the local council.


• Play ground rules and safety – After looking at the playtimes and lunch provision the council examined how our outdoor time could be more enjoyable and safer. This lead to the council working with staff to draw up guidelines and timetables for outdoor use.


Following the School Council Meeting, School Council Members speak to their class to let them know what is going on and tell the class about the issues being discussed and what is happening next.  This will encourage more children to contribute to further meetings, share worries and let members know the things which could be done to improve the school.



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